ATB – Distant Earth

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Check out ATB’s new album, Disntant Earth! Featuring Christina Soto, Melissa Loretta & Kate Louise Smith.

With seven quality studio albums, a Best-Of CD and DVD, seven mixed compilations and multiple hit singles, André Tanneberger, a.k.a. ATB has a remarkable, constantly successful record as a musician and DJ to show for himself. One of the keys to his success has definitely been the high standard he sets himself in his approach to his productions and songwriting.

On his new album, Disntant Earth, ATB impresses with fantastic new songs that not only cross the line between pop and dance music, but literally transcend that distinction. For this record he has worked with a number of artists, amongst them the brilliant Rea Garvey – lead vocalist of no other band than the chart-topping Reamonn. Along with the album, containing loads of potential hit singles, comes a second, much calmer disc – underlining the artistic complexity of ATB. –Amazon

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Jakki Jelene – Deep Blue Sea

Monday, September 12th, 2011

New single by Jakki Jelene, Deep Blue Sea, an infectious, upbeat, ambient house track that captures the spirit of adventure on the high seas. Available to download FREE for a limited time!

Deep Blue Sea
Lyrics by Jakki Jelene

We intend to go
We intend to see
Places in our dreams
Where we long to be

It seems so out of touch
To those who have no vision
But nothing’s what it seems
There’s no certainty

Sailing high on white capped waves
Above the salty brine
We’re traveling upon the deep blue sea
Deep blue sea
Deep blue sea

We’ll close our eyes tonight
And leave behind reality
Like wings we’re taking flight
To another world

A land yet unexplored
That no one can imagine
But when we come ashore
We will surely see

Sailing high on white capped waves
Above the salty brine
We’re traveling upon the deep blue sea
Deep blue sea
Deep blue sea

released 01 April 2011
Written by Jakki Jelene
Produced by Jakki Jelene & Jess Hanna
Photography & Art Design by Jakki Jelene

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JES – Awaken

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

New video and single by JES, “Awaken”! In conjunction with the release of the single, JES is launched the AWAKEN Campaign to encourage people everywhere to do something positive. JES wrote the song “Awaken” about personal strength and embracing the beauty of life. JES is inviting fans to post photos and comments to her social networking sites of their own positive contributions.

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