Nicola Hitchcock – Quarterbright

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Nicola Hitchcock (formerly of Mandalay) has just released new music in the form of an EP entitled, “Quarterbright”. It is the first true solo recording from Nicola in a long time, in that the songs have been solely written, recorded, performed, engineered and produced by her.

All her past musical incarnations are palpable here; from the early stripped down, pure acoustics of her debut album to the sparse, romantic soundscapes of Mandalay. With lyrics and vocal delivery as heartfelt and intimate as ever, she adds singing bowls, bells, clarinet, nylon guitar and deep piano samples to affect a deeply moving and meditative experience. The focus remains on emotional integrity, where space is as important as instrumentation, and with all the subtleties of sound and dynamics beautifully realised and enhanced by the work of new mix and mastering engineer Jørg Surrey.

It is currently only available for purchase on CDBaby, but soon to be available from iTunes and Amazon. Visit her Official Website for more info!


Angelic Valentine

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! In lieu of this special holiday, here is our 10 track playlist of Angelic love songs on Blip.FM!


01. Craig Armstrong ft. Elizabeth Fraser – This Love
02. Ruth Ann – More Than Ordinary
03. Gus Gus ft. Hafdis Huld – Teenage Sensation
04. Mandalay – Beautiful
05. Jakki Jelene – My Sanctuary
06. Conjure One – Center Of The Sun
07. Astronaut Wife – Superpowers
08. Lovespirals – Love
09. Feist – Inside & Out
10. Oceanlab ft. Justine Suissa – Beautiful Together