Jakki Jelene – Luminous

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Jakki Jelene’s new album, Luminous, is now available on CD and MP3! If you purchase the CD through her Bandcamp store you will get an immediate digital download for free! Below is a description of what you can expect from the album, along with a free preview of all the tracks.

In a time where much of mainstream music is hollow and coarse, Jakki Jelene once again presents her brand of sophisticated pop through her latest album, Luminous. With influences from electronica, trip hop, synth and 60’s pop, her music fills a void for adult listeners who enjoy a good hook, but yearn for deeper meaning. Her soaring vocals exude a striking mix of strength and vulnerability, backed by lush, rich harmonies. Featuring eloquent lyrics that tell stories and touch on a wide range of subjects from love to spiritual observations.

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Jakki Jelene – Vapor

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Check out the new single and music video by Jakki Jelene, ‘Vapor’. Available to download for FREE for a limited time from Bandcamp & Soundcloud!

In the New Year we can’t help but to reflect on the previous year and begin making plans for the year ahead. This song is essentially about the passing of time. How quickly it gets away from us and how the future is yet unknown, but will eventually catch up to us as well. How often we look back on the good times of the past and wish we could relive those moments.

Read more about the thoughts behind this track on Jakki Jelene’s website, in the blogpost; Reflections: Vapor.

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Delerium – Music Box Opera

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Delerium presents their first studio album in six years, ‘Music Box Opera’, via Nettwerk Records. Once again Delerium brings aboard a number of angelic voices, including the usual favorites, Kristy Thirsk, Leigh Nash and Jaal, as well as new collaborating vocalists, Leona Naess, Azure Ray, Stef Lang and more!

Available on Limited Edition Digipak CD [+ Bonus Tracks] or MP3 [+ Digital Booklet]. Listen to 2 tracks from “Music Box Opera” below or sample all tracks on Amazon.

Delerium – Music Box Opera [Album Sampler] by Nettwerk Music Group


Chandeen – Blood Red Skies (Teaser)

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Coming November 11th…

Pre-Order Now:
Chandeen – Blood Red Skies



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ATB – Distant Earth

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Check out ATB’s new album, Disntant Earth! Featuring Christina Soto, Melissa Loretta & Kate Louise Smith.

With seven quality studio albums, a Best-Of CD and DVD, seven mixed compilations and multiple hit singles, André Tanneberger, a.k.a. ATB has a remarkable, constantly successful record as a musician and DJ to show for himself. One of the keys to his success has definitely been the high standard he sets himself in his approach to his productions and songwriting.

On his new album, Disntant Earth, ATB impresses with fantastic new songs that not only cross the line between pop and dance music, but literally transcend that distinction. For this record he has worked with a number of artists, amongst them the brilliant Rea Garvey – lead vocalist of no other band than the chart-topping Reamonn. Along with the album, containing loads of potential hit singles, comes a second, much calmer disc – underlining the artistic complexity of ATB. –Amazon

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Jakki Jelene – Deep Blue Sea

Monday, September 12th, 2011

New single by Jakki Jelene, Deep Blue Sea, an infectious, upbeat, ambient house track that captures the spirit of adventure on the high seas. Available to download FREE for a limited time!

Deep Blue Sea
Lyrics by Jakki Jelene

We intend to go
We intend to see
Places in our dreams
Where we long to be

It seems so out of touch
To those who have no vision
But nothing’s what it seems
There’s no certainty

Sailing high on white capped waves
Above the salty brine
We’re traveling upon the deep blue sea
Deep blue sea
Deep blue sea

We’ll close our eyes tonight
And leave behind reality
Like wings we’re taking flight
To another world

A land yet unexplored
That no one can imagine
But when we come ashore
We will surely see

Sailing high on white capped waves
Above the salty brine
We’re traveling upon the deep blue sea
Deep blue sea
Deep blue sea

released 01 April 2011
Written by Jakki Jelene
Produced by Jakki Jelene & Jess Hanna
Photography & Art Design by Jakki Jelene

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Sia – Clap Your Hands

Friday, March 4th, 2011

It’s Friday, so time to get down and boogie! This Sia video for “Clap Your Hands”, is just too delicious and should get you in the weekend mood proper! From the 2010 album, “We Are Born”.

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Jakki Jelene – Evening

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

New single by Jakki Jelene, ‘Evening’, a love song about the most glorious time of day. Available to download FREE for a limited time!

Lyrics by Jakki Jelene

When the trees are black against the evening sky
And sprays of pink and purple go floating by
The sun is setting as the moon is rising high
And all the world is tucked away warm inside
But there is one girl, in a dream world
Who is just beginning to feel alive

Evening sky you write my name
Your brief existence fuels my life
And when it’s time for you to fade
I stand in awe of your beauty
(your beauty amazes me)

Proof of God’s existence could not be more clear
The wonders of the Universe in the atmosphere
Stars that twinkle soft against the darkening blue
Are witness to a miracle that’s always made new
Inspiration for every nation
Canvas cannot capture this perfect view

Evening sky you write my name
Your brief existence fuels my life
And when it’s time for you to fade
I stand in awe of your beauty

released 01 March 2011
Written & Produced by Jakki Jelene
Photography by Kristin Small
Art Direction by Jakki Jelene

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