Karmacoda – Love Will Turn Your Head Around

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Currently a semi-finalist for Best Dance/Electronica Song in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition, “Love Will Turn Your Head Around” is the collaborative effort of 3 independent artists: San Francisco band, Karmacoda, Parisian singer/songwriter, Beth Hirsch, and So Cal singer/songwriter, Anji Bee. This single has just been re-released in a series of re-imagined versions by DJ Puzzle, Mr. Alfa, Synapsis, Return To Mono, Den Jones, and Anji’s band, Lovespirals, plus an all-new version by Karmacoda. ‘Love Will Turn Your Head Around – The Remixes’ is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, CDBaby, and soon on Amazon MP3.

Anji Bee – Wintersun

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Here is the newest single and video from Anji Bee (of Lovespirals), a vocal version of the Venus International song, “Winter Sun,” originally penned by Alfa Kay (AKA Mr. Alfa) in 2011 and released for free. Anji Bee is among several vocalists to record the track for 2012 as “Winter Sun” is an ongoing project meant to raise awareness and compassion for our homeless population during these cold winter months. The hope is that as you enjoy these free downloads you will be reminded to take some extra time this season to show compassion to those less fortunate. Anything you can do to help the homeless, especially during the cold winter days, even if it’s simply taking the time to talk to them or give them something good to eat.

For more information about about Venus International or to download this (and other) version of Wintersun for free, check out these links:

Download this song FREE from:

Download the original EP free:


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Falling You – Adore

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Falling You recently released their new album Adore!

Adore explores a more optimistic, rock-oriented motif. Though the ethereal / ambient base is still there, the music ranges from ambient, to jangly shoegaze, to melodic space-rock, to dream-pop and finally back to ambient. The concept is a simple one – life is a varied and wonderful thing, and though it’s trials can weigh heavily on us, it’s tribulations can lift our hearts. Adore is about exploring the more optimistic side of emotional music and this gift called life. –Magnatune

Vocalists include Anji Bee (Lovespirals), Suzanne Perry (MelodyGuild, Love Spirals Downwards), Aimee Page (Vishnu’s Secret), Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant), Erica Mulkey (Unwoman, Stripmall Architecture), Dru Allen (This Ascension, Mirabilis), Summer Bowman (The Machine In The Garden, Mirabilis) and Kirsty Hawkshaw (Delerium, Mr. Sam). Sample the entire album here:

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Anji Bee – Put Some Music On

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Brand new unreleased track by Anji Bee! Laid back, jazzy nu soul with a retro flair, topped by the sultry vocals of Miss Bee. This song is part of a collaboration between Lovespirals and The Grooveblaster – who will release his own version of this song on his upcoming album, ‘Out Of The Past.’


Put Some Music On lyrics by Anji Bee

Put some music on
Put out the lights
Put your cares behind
We’ll have a party tonight
Put some music on
Put out the lights
Put your cares behind
We’ll have a party alright

I’ll loosen my hair
You’ll loosen your tie
Let’s loosen up
We’ll laugh and drink some wine
I’ll loosen my hair
You’ll loosen your tie
Let’s loosen up
And have a real good time tonight


From 5 Years of Chillin’ (Compilation), released 18 March 2011
Anji Bee: lyrics, vocals, arrangement, production
Ryan Lum: composition, programming, instrumentation, recording, mix, production, mastering
Robert Rich: mastering

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Angelic Valentine

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! In lieu of this special holiday, here is our 10 track playlist of Angelic love songs on Blip.FM!


01. Craig Armstrong ft. Elizabeth Fraser – This Love
02. Ruth Ann – More Than Ordinary
03. Gus Gus ft. Hafdis Huld – Teenage Sensation
04. Mandalay – Beautiful
05. Jakki Jelene – My Sanctuary
06. Conjure One – Center Of The Sun
07. Astronaut Wife – Superpowers
08. Lovespirals – Love
09. Feist – Inside & Out
10. Oceanlab ft. Justine Suissa – Beautiful Together

LISTEN HERE: http://blip.fm/profile/AngelicVoices/playlist

Lovespirals – Home

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Lovespirals has just released their first music video! The song is called “Home” and appears on their new album, “Future Past”. Watch the video, then pick up a copy!

Buy: Lovespirals – Future Past
Visit: www.lovespirals.com