Nicola Hitchcock – Quarterbright

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Nicola Hitchcock (formerly of Mandalay) has just released new music in the form of an EP entitled, “Quarterbright”. It is the first true solo recording from Nicola in a long time, in that the songs have been solely written, recorded, performed, engineered and produced by her.

All her past musical incarnations are palpable here; from the early stripped down, pure acoustics of her debut album to the sparse, romantic soundscapes of Mandalay. With lyrics and vocal delivery as heartfelt and intimate as ever, she adds singing bowls, bells, clarinet, nylon guitar and deep piano samples to affect a deeply moving and meditative experience. The focus remains on emotional integrity, where space is as important as instrumentation, and with all the subtleties of sound and dynamics beautifully realised and enhanced by the work of new mix and mastering engineer Jørg Surrey.

It is currently only available for purchase on CDBaby, but soon to be available from iTunes and Amazon. Visit her Official Website for more info!


Delerium – Music Box Opera

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Delerium presents their first studio album in six years, ‘Music Box Opera’, via Nettwerk Records. Once again Delerium brings aboard a number of angelic voices, including the usual favorites, Kristy Thirsk, Leigh Nash and Jaal, as well as new collaborating vocalists, Leona Naess, Azure Ray, Stef Lang and more!

Available on Limited Edition Digipak CD [+ Bonus Tracks] or MP3 [+ Digital Booklet]. Listen to 2 tracks from “Music Box Opera” below or sample all tracks on Amazon.

Delerium – Music Box Opera [Album Sampler] by Nettwerk Music Group


Priscilla Hernandez – The Underliving

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

“The Underliving” is Priscilla Hernandez’s upcoming new album, currently in its latest stages to be released. Below is a promo trailer, music video and album preview. The preview contains excerpts of 9 of the 16 tracks from the album. The CD will have also a booklet with Priscilla’s own illustrations and art.




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You are soon going to discover the realm of The Underliving, a shadow of our own, a world of “beings” that never lived but feel very alive and communicate with us through the silence, through our thoughts, through the voice of the wind, that fill with their presence empty spaces, that lives side by side with us, but always veiled and unseen, sometimes protecting us or sometimes misleading us. The Underliving along with “ghosts” and “fairies” are the third kind of creature portrayed in “Yidneth” mythic background. The album portrays the story of a chosen child that can perceive this “Otherworld” and longs to be part of it.

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Falling You – Adore

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Falling You recently released their new album Adore!

Adore explores a more optimistic, rock-oriented motif. Though the ethereal / ambient base is still there, the music ranges from ambient, to jangly shoegaze, to melodic space-rock, to dream-pop and finally back to ambient. The concept is a simple one – life is a varied and wonderful thing, and though it’s trials can weigh heavily on us, it’s tribulations can lift our hearts. Adore is about exploring the more optimistic side of emotional music and this gift called life. –Magnatune

Vocalists include Anji Bee (Lovespirals), Suzanne Perry (MelodyGuild, Love Spirals Downwards), Aimee Page (Vishnu’s Secret), Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant), Erica Mulkey (Unwoman, Stripmall Architecture), Dru Allen (This Ascension, Mirabilis), Summer Bowman (The Machine In The Garden, Mirabilis) and Kirsty Hawkshaw (Delerium, Mr. Sam). Sample the entire album here:

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Longing For Orpheus – Broken Down

Friday, February 25th, 2011

From The Artist:

Meredith Ruduski, the singer and co-writer of “Broken Down,” is a coloratura soprano…that is to say, a classically trained vocalist. I had the good fortune to be cast alongside her in a light opera a couple of years ago, around the same time I decided to try taking Longing for Orpheus in an Ambient Pop direction. I found myself pleasantly distracted in rehearsal after rehearsal by the pure, ethereal quality of her voice, so I asked her if she had any interest in non-classical music, and if she would be interested in collaborating on a song. Fortunately, she was.


All alone with the rain falling from my eyes
The stars shine clear and cold against the wet velvet sky
And as they fall to earth I try to understand why
A kiss from your lips should make me cry

Broken down, I’m broken down again
Featherlight in my dreams
Permeated with memories
Of your perfume, your sweet scent
Why did you leave me here
Broken down again

As I step outside myself, and watch the waters rise
I start to wonder what is real and what is my disguise
If I had the chance, would I still want to know why
I am bound to the earth as I watch you fly

I need you to breathe
I need you to see
I am lost within the space
Between reality and dreams


Released 20 February 2011
Derek Smootz – Synths and programming
Meredith Ruduski – Vocals

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Jakki Jelene – Human, After All

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Check out Jakki Jelene’s new single, ‘Human, After All’, an electropop delight!
Available to download FREE for a limited time!


Lyrics by Jakki Jelene

I must confess that I struggle now and then
And you will find that I’m not as I appear
I keep my cool because I know what I must do
Collect myself or end up like a fool

I must confess when you’re near me I’m alive
I fall apart when I see you look my way
But you never seem to see beyond these walls
Or realize how I want your love

I may seem strong, but inside I’m weak
Like a child who doesn’t know the way
And I do my best to show good face
But I must confess that I’m human after all

I’m warm inside when you return my smile
You fascinate and tantalize this heart
You seem so strong but you’re only human too
Do I stand a chance to break down your resolve?

I may seem strong, but inside I’m weak
Like a child who doesn’t know the way
And I do my best to show good face
But I must confess that I’m human after all

Desire is a thing that can overcome your consciousness
And all the logical things you know to do
You find yourself aware of things you wouldn’t normally mind
No longer in control of what you knew to be true

I may seem strong, but inside I’m weak
Like a child who doesn’t know the way
And I do my best to show good face
But I must confess that I’m human after all

released 01 February 2011
Written & Produced by Jakki Jelene
Graphic Design by Jakki Jelene

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Conjure One – Exilarch

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Conjure One released their 3rd album, “Exilarch”, last November. Posted here are 3 songs from the album, “Like Ice”, “I Dream In Colour” and “Places That Don’t Exist”. You can hear all of these wide-ranging influences and experiences throughout Exilarch: The sounds of the Middle East on electronic symphonies “Nargis” and “Nomadic Code,” which nods to Massive Attack, but with a metallic smack that recalls Front Line Assembly. The Groban-like beauty of the vocals on the lavish and soaring “Zephyr.” The marriage of plaintive lyrics and elegant soundscapes on the haunting “The Distance” and first single “I Dream In Colour,” bringing to mind Delerium, but with a thicker synthetic cloud overhead. Featured vocalists that appear on “Exilarch” are Jaren Carf, Azam Ali, Leah Randi & Free Dominguez. –Nettwerk

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Baby Jaws – She’s In A Dream

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Rhodes piano with a cowbell melody and vocals by Viktoria Winge.
Recorded in Ladbroke Grove, London

Shes a lady, in her own little story.
shes alone, no no no, not in her dreams.
In her dreams, shes a beautiful queen.
its just a dream.
her world is perfect, no no no its just her story.
its just a dream…

from pulsatilla, released 22 July 2010
Music by: Anton Jawdokimov
Vocals by: Viktoria Winge

Buy/Listen to more from the album ‘Pulsatilla’:

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