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Rachel Lloyd – Calling

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

For those of you who enjoyed yesterday’s feature for the James Bright album, Little Things, featuring vocals by Rachel Lloyd, you’ll definitely want to check out her newest single Calling! If you love it as much as we do, be sure to purchase the mp3 on Amazon!


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Featured Angel: Becky Jean Williams

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Late Night Alumni: Ryan Raddon, Becky Jean Williams, John Hancock, Finn Bjarnson.

Finn Bjarnson stumbled upon Becky Jean Williams in the summer of 2003. “I had just been given a local Christmas CD that I had produced a couple tracks for,” Finn recalls, “and as I was listening through the tracks, there she was! Her beautiful voice and style immediately struck me.” A couple of phone calls later and they were in the studio together for the first time. “I had worked up this song called ‘Empty Streets’ and wanted to try her voice out on it…” Finn continues, “and it took off from there!”

Finn had already been working in the studio with Ryan Raddon (aka Kaskade), and soon Finn, Ryan, and Becky formed Late Night Alumni. In 2004, Hed Kandi made an offer to license and release a full length Late Night Alumni album. “At that point,” Finn says, “I knew the band was not ready. We were missing an element.” That missing element turned out to be John Hancock; a talented local producer with whom Finn had been trying to “find an excuse” to work with for years. The band was complete and hard at work at the debut Late Night Alumni album; mixing electronic and organic elements for a unique brand of chill that is easily distinguishable in today’s down tempo house music scene.

“Empty Streets” came out in September of 2005. Around the same time, Hed Kandi was bought out by Ministry of Sound and the album got shelved. However, despite the label not working the album it soon grew into an underground classic. All around the world die-hard fans who supported “Empty Streets” spread the word of Late Night Alumni.

The single also entitled “Empty Streets” received massive support in both the clubs and on the radio getting Top Ten Radio Play in the UK and US, and reaching #1 in Spain. “Empty Streets” has also been licensed to commercials including a spot for the Toyota IQ. Plus, more than a dozen of the world’s biggest dance compilations have licensed the track, and it remains the most popular and downloaded song on Tietso’s “In Search Of Sunrise” compilation.

Finally, four years later, Late Night Alumni is releasing its sophomore album. “Of Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Etc.” picks up were “Empty Streets” left off. Signed to Ultra Records, Late Night Alumni is poised to get its music out to a larger audience and to reconnect with those who have already fallen in love with their ethereal brand of house music.

Check out Late Night Alumni’s latest release:

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Angel Of The Month: Christa Belle

Monday, March 1st, 2010

In mid-2008, indie duo, Hungry Lucy were recording weekly podcasts and had finished writing songs for their 4th full-length release. By all accounts, things were going well for the band. Popularity was at an all-time high, and their music was selling nicely across the globe. From the inside though, Hungry Lucy had become more about social media, and less about the kind of great songs the pair loved to write. Gone was the mystery, spark and creativity that once burned bright for Christa Belle and Warren Harrison. With that, the couple ceased podcasting, scrapped most of of the nearly-complete album and immersed themselves in making something truly magical. Now, in early 2010… “Pulse of the Earth” is released to the World.

On “Pulse of the Earth” Christa and Warren cast aside all expectations and spent time isolated in the mountains of Tennessee and away from the World. With no outside disturbances the duo were able to ignore trends and dive headlong into the art of storytelling. From these stories were born 10 songs of mystery, other-worldly beings and the spirit of the earth. As always, Hungry Lucy crosses genres at a moments notice, while somehow maintaining a cohesive vision. Christa Belle’s haunting voice digs deep and soars high above a bed of gypsy melodies, ominous drones and tribal rhythms. At once ambient, catchy and full of drama, these 10 songs will get inside you, settle within and bring you in sync with the pulse of the earth.

Check out Hungry Lucy’s latest release:
Pulse Of The Earth

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Angel Of The Month: Lori Cunningham

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Ever since she can remember, Lori Cunningham wanted to be a singer. All throughout her education she was heavily involved in music, choral work, and theater. She earned a B.A. in Vocal Performance and played several leading roles in different music theater productions, but something was missing…

Lori started her music project in October of 2006 after a lifelong search for music that spoke to her. After listening to several inspirational musicians, she could not deny the desire to write her own music anymore. Shortly after she started, it became apparent that she had an unseen knack for composing, mixing, and producing. She has taught herself from the beginning, and she has enjoyed not being constrained by any one style or genre.

Unbound by genre, Lori appeals to all listeners with her ethereal vocals mixed with an eclectic array of down tempo instrumentations. Her music begs you to listen, to feel every note and every word.

Music haunts her, it invades her every waking moment, and it lives in her dreams. Lori cannot escape the world that surrounds her, her world unseen…

…nor does she ever wish to.

Check out Lori Cunningham’s debut solo album:

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Angel Of The Month: Haley Gibby

Friday, January 1st, 2010

haley gibbyFrom a young age, Haley knew she wanted to pursue music. At the age of ten she was already fully immersed in performing, sometimes for crowds as large as 20 thousand. In her teens she began writing music. Her first recordings were made at 19 and caught the attention of Warner Brothers who soon after offered her an Artist/Writers deal. Haley decided not to take the deal, wanting to pursue her own musical course.

In 2001 Haley met Finn Bjarnson, a local music producer. Over the next few years Haley and Finn worked on songs together, honing their collective writing styles. In 2005 along with Ryan Raddon, Finn and Haley officially started the project “Summer of Space”. They wrote and produced a song called “A New Start” that was immediately picked up by Hed Kandi recordings. After the initial success of that song they decided to start work on an album.

Ryan Raddon and Finn Bjarnson, writers and producers of multiple #1 billboard charting songs are the producers behind this newly finished album.

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Summer Of Space

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Angel Of The Month: Nadia Ali

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

nadia aliAs with any great era of music, there are always a handful of tracks that can be considered genre defining. For dance music -from the late 90’s to the new millennium – there were only a select few tracks that caught fire around the world. Most of these tracks came from the godfather’s of the recent dance music explosion: We’re talking about tracks like Underworld’s “Born Slippy,” and The Chemical Brother’s “Block Rockin’ Beats.” However, there was one track in particular that emerged from the underground and caught everyone off guard. At first, people knew iiO’s “Rapture” by the catchy “la, la, la” chorus as sung by a beautiful voice. As the track emerged from the underground and blew up in the mainstream, “Rapture” became a true tour de force. Remixes from Creamer & K, Deep Dish and Armin van Buuren would follow and the track sold into the millions. Still, at the heart of what made “Rapture” so beautiful was that voice. That voice – and voice of a new generation in house music – belongs to Nadia Ali. Nadia Ali was born in the Mediterranean and grew up in Queens, New York City. In her teens, Nadia listened to a huge variety of music – anything from Reggae, Hip Hop, Latin house and from Motown to alternative rock. However, Nadia considers classic rock and Indian music to be her biggest genre influences. Artistically, the three performers having the most influence on her are Stevie Nicks, “because of her haunting vocals and songwriting;” Sade, “because she has such a distinctive sound;” and Madonna, “For being such an intense performer.” She has also been heavily influenced by artists ranging from U2, Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, Carole King, Depeche Mode and eastern icon, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, among others.

Nadia’s voice is astonishingly pure and rich despite the fact that she never once had vocal training. Earlier in her life she looked at singing as a hobby (she wrote her first song at 16) and instead went to college for academic purposes rather than pursue a career in music. But life sometimes has other ideas for us. While working in the NYC Versace office – trying to balance full time employment with college – a colleague (who had heard her singing in the office) introduced Nadia to a producer named Markus Moser. The first song Nadia sang for Markus was Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and it blew him away – He knew Nadia had something special. At Markus’ suggestion Nadia soon quit college to focus exclusively on singing and songwriting, a period that soon yielded dozens of songs.

One such track was the mighty “Rapture,” a song in which the lyrics were written by Nadia in a mere 30 minutes. Together, Markus and Nadia would formally release “Rapture,” a second single “At The End” and the album Poetica under the stage name Iio. “At the time I had no idea how big the song was gonna become. I don’t think anybody knew how massive it was gonna become. I started hearing all these strange names like oh “Sander, Pete Tong, Seb Fontaine, are all playing Rapture” I remembered how crazy it was when I first heard it on the radio. I freaked. I mean growing up in NY, since I was 14 I had gone to clubs like the Tunnel, the Palladium, Roxy and Limelight and really only knew a handful of names the likes of Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Sasha & Digweed. I had no idea that all these names would eventually go on to playing my record, I mean I remember my first 2 dance (Cassette Tapes!) being Danny Tenaglia’s “Tourism” and a Junior Vasquez mix compilation. It was all surreal,” Nadia says. What does the future hold in store for Nadia Ali? Well, the future is now!

Nadia recently collaborated with Armin Van Buuren on a track called “Who is Watching.” Much different than the high energy trance Van Buuren is known for, the track is very minimal, complete with an acoustic guitar. Remixes of “Who is Watching” are being played out at clubs now and the original version is available on Van Buuren’s CD “Shivers.” Nadia also
collaborated with producers John Creamer & Stephane K and male vocalist/singer/songwriter Rosko on the duet “Something To Lose.” “I chose working with Armin Van Buuren (well known for his melodic trance productions) and John Creamer & Stephane K (known for their sexy deep progressive house) because I wanted to do two records very different from each other. The Van Buuren record is very emotional and melodic and the record with Creamer and K has a lot of energy and attitude. It’s also really interesting to work with them because both Armin Van Buuren and Creamer and K remixed “Rapture” and I always wanted to work with them,” says Nadia. In 2008 Nadia released “Crash And Burn,” the first single from her forthcoming solo album, on her label Smile In Bed. With great support from DJs, and a strong remix package including powerful efforts from the likes of DJ Shah and Dean Coleman, the highly successful single continues to enjoy strong sales and heavy play around the world.

Nadia has performed in all parts of the world, from Texas to Taipei, Bucharest to Melbourne, and Moscow to Istanbul. She brings a unique passion and intensity to each of her performances, the result of a true connection to each track she sings. Nadia continues to 100% exclusively write and sing her own lyrics in order to bring across that true emotion to her fans. She is at the heart of what makes dance music young, fresh, exciting and new.

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Angel Of The Month: Amethyste

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

amethysteIn October of 2005, a very fine musician from Germany ( Gunnar Spardel of Tigerforest ) caught Amethyste’s attention. One of his wonderful song “Summer Rain” was playing on the player and she HAD to click on the “view” button. Suddenly, she was transported into a new dimension where music has a soul and feelings. A place where she secretly wanted to reach for so long… She was compelled to write him a note telling him how wonderful and beautiful his music was. He replied to her later that day that he really liked her voice and if she was interested into collaborating musically to please let him know. She was mostly surprised that he replied to her kind message because she felt that his compositions were just so spectacular, somewhat intimidating at the same time.

It seems that everything took an uplifting turn in 2006 when Gunnar and Amethyste started to collaborate more extensively on several projects ranging from Trance – Dance to Ambient. They finally decided to meet in February of 2006 in NYC, then shortly after their first meeting, Gunnar came to spend 3 months in the USA focusing on music composition and production. Their love for each other fueled the creation of Amethyste’s debut CD titled “Ethereal”. Gunnar’s extreme composing ability really showcases Amethyste’s soothing and dreamy ample vocal range. The beautiful music that Amethyste and Gunnar Spardel create have been heard in radio stations in Europe as well as many internet radios. Ethereal warms the heart and shines light upon their acclaimed and distinctive style of music.

Check out Amethyst’s new release:

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Angel of the Month: Kristy Thirsk

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

kristythirsk“I was put on a course into the crazy business and bohemian lifestyle of a musician shortly aftter I was born. At my baptism, the preacher told my parents he had a vision that I would be a strong willed child (my mother will vouch for that) and grow up to be a singer. Ever since I was first told that story as a child this little feeling nagged at me. I actually started trying out for bands at the age of 19. My second audition was for “The Rose Chronicles.”


“I guess the Rose Chroncles thought I passed the test because they asked me to join after that first audition. 3 months later, after only two gigs, we were signed to Nettwerk records. Rose Chronicles’ full length debut garnered a Juno award in 1994 for best alternative album. The album had sold about 15,000 copies last time I checked.”

Rose Chronicles toured across Canada a few times and also performed in a few cities on the East coast of the US.

“Actually, before Everclear were huge rock stars they opened for us at a small all-ages show in Minneapolis .”


Through her connections with Nettwerk Kristy was asked by Delerium to sing on their first release through Nettwerk. She was the only featured vocalist on “Semantic Spaces” and two of the songs she wrote and sang on became popular MuchMusic and radio singles. “Flowers become Screens”, and “Incantation”. The album itself has sold over 130, 000 copies.

The follow up to “Semantic Spaces” was “Karma” which featured Kristy’s writing and singing on 4 songs. Also featured on “Karma” were Sarah McLachlan and Lisa Gerard (Dead can Dance).

Karma sold over 450,000 copies worldwide and Kristy’s single “Heavens Earth” reached #2 on the Irish music charts and #4 in Australia.

Other songs from “Karma” featuring Kristy have been heard in movies like “Get Carter” (starring Sylvester Stallone) and HBO feature productions.


Kristy’s solo career has marked a return to songwriting, touring, and working towards the perfect album. One of Kristy’s songs appeared in the soundtrack for the for Genie Award-winning film “Kissed” and Kristy was nominated for a Genie for “Best Movie Theme” Kristy’s performance of the song at the Toronto Film festival was broadcast live on MuchMusic.

With her own band, Kristy has toured the West Coast 3 times, and played numerous shows in LA, New York, Philadelphia, and of course, Vancouver.

Kristy also continues to work as a guest singer and songwriter on Various projects. Balligomingo -She co-wrote and performed the song “Heat” on the upcoming Balligomingo CD, which will be released in 2002 by RCA Records.

Kristy is exploring new musical territory by writing and producing her forthcoming album in LA with producer Eric Rosse (Tori Amos, Lisa Marie Presley, Nash Kato of Urge Overkill).

Check out Kristy Thirsk’s latest release:
Under Cover EP

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